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Katie cums on a girthy cock

Published February 4

So, a Kettering guy came to see me one day about two years ago, and he reminded me of an old friend of mine, who I also used to date. He was a pretty average looking guy, in his forties, with an average sized but handsome cock, which had some good girth on it. 


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Special request: Katie Arranged for his wife to get fucked

Published July 15

Preview: He watched while I licked her soft pussy lips and flicked my tongue over her clitty, her pussy was soaking wet, and I had cum all down my chin and neck. Very quietly he opened his jeans, pulled his boxers down and his lovely big cock sprang out, fully hard in all its glory. I noticed that Philip was very surprised at how big it was…he seemed quite excited that Anna was going to get that nice big cock. I think she was too embarrassed to look, but as we could hear Dan steadily wanking himself, making his balls tight, she grew some confidence and looked at him, after that she couldn’t take her eyes of it!

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Katie wakes up horny, Small Penis Humiliation

Published October 29

I woke up horny. I’m very lucky to attract some totally gorgeous guys, and they often invade my fantasies, especially where I pair them up. Pussy got so wet thinking about two guys who have never met, I’ll call them Andy and Joe. They’re both about the same age ish, mid-thirties. Andy has huge muscles and tattoos, sexy dark hair and blue eyes. He has been keen to explore his Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) fantasies for the first time and Joe well, he doesn’t have any SPH fantasies as he already has a nice big cock. Sometimes I think Joe has had more men than me! He’s also sexy, a little more rufty tufty, they both have very fair skin and Joe has green eyes with fair hair. Although, Andy loves SPH I think he likes it that I’m very soft with SPH, there isn’t any shouting but always a lot of teasing and telling him how much I need a proper big cock.

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Caged and Desperate for Katie

Published August 4

There is one thing that makes my pussy wet the most, it’s a man desperate for sex. One of my regular guys came along to see me yesterday. He’s one of these authority types, you know, loves bossing people about all day but really, he’s just a little sissy sub who loves doing whatever I want. He enjoys feeling chaste and owns a little cock cage that keeps him out of mischief.

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Katie is partial to those Celtic cocks

Published April 14

Katie is very into Celtic cocks! Last week I was lucky enough to be treated to visits from three of my favourite types of guy. A Scotsman, and Irishman and a red head…though not all at the same time, more is the pity. Honestly there is something unbelievably sexy about those Celtic accents I can’t get enough of. Even watching a history programme, the other night, an expert came on talking about some dry nonsense, but he did it with a Scots accent…seriously made my knickers wet, and I completely lost track of what he was actually saying! Anyhow, I can’t get in all three of my adventures in the one blog, but the Scots guy was one of my regulars. Now he is proper kinky, and I think we have done just about everything together since I moved near to Kettering. First, he licked my arse while he was on his knees wearing my panties and he made me cum on his fingers, right in his face. 

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Katie’s New Puppy

Published March 22

Mistress Katie has a new puppy and in this short story lets you know all about Puppy’s adventures on a day to day basis with her.

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He wanted small penis humiliation and to be instructed on camera

Published March 9

Katie has fun with small penis humiliation on camera! (SPH) This guy really enjoys girls laughing at his little cock.

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Katie and Her Boyfriend Fuck You: Fantasy Erotica

Published May 7

One of my clients recently asked me to tell him a fantasy story about what might happen if he asked me for forced bi. He threw in a few special requests that are only catered to in my imagination…and his!

I’ve told you to let yourself in and find me upstairs. I’m in the bedroom putting my lipstick on at the mirror, and I’m dressed in my tight black basque and wearing long shiny stiletto boots. But what really catches your eye is my quite fat and long strap on that’s bouncing between my legs.

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Waiting for Katie: Cock Sucking Fantasy

Published May 7

It was a hot summers afternoon in July most people are on holiday, but the hot weather has made you feel extremely frisky. No matter how hard you try to turn your mind on to work it keeps coming back to me, and all the kinky things I ask you to do for me. After arranging to come to my house at 3pm you’re just walking up to the house when I call you and say I’m not home at the moment. I add that you’re not to worry as you can go in and wait for me because I will only be a few minutes. I say that my boyfriend will be there and he will let you in.

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