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Katie Wright he-wanted-small-penis-humiliation

He wanted small penis humiliation and to be instructed on camera

Published March 9

Katie has fun with small penis humiliation on camera! (SPH) This guy really enjoys girls laughing at his little cock.

Yesterday I had so much fun with a guy in his early thirties. He wanted small penis humiliation and to be instructed on camera. He was a shy boy and wouldn’t let me see his face, but his tiny cock was certainly not so shy. When I said hello it was bouncing around right in front of me and he wanked at quite some speed with it between his thumb and forefinger. I was glad that he hadn’t come to see me in person because his pathetic little cock would have been difficult to get any satisfaction from. However, watching him excited at each command I gave, made my freshly shaved pussy get very wet. I reached down and parted my pussy lips then slid my fingers down to stroke my clit as I asked him when he last came. He said it was only the day before, to be honest I like my men a little more desperate than that and scolded him for masturbating.

Now this guy was very hairy, while I’m partial to a bit of man hair an almighty bush down there rather overshadowed his little cock. It was a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack and I said that I didn’t know what my friends would make of it. I said that I’d ask them around next time to laugh at his cock and I noticed it grow even harder, bulging at the tip with pre-cum trickling down the shaft and onto his sack. I told him to rub it into the crown with the pad of his forefinger and then lick his finger for me. I knew it was tormenting him to perform such intimate and forbidden pleasures to a woman he couldn’t even see at the end of a camera.

In the meantime I’d reached over into the drawer of my bedside table and taken out my big pink dildo. I was getting desperate for release myself and I told him to sit back on the bed and lean against the wall. Then I insisted he draw up his knees and open his legs for me so I could see his tight virgin arse hole – even though it was all a bit hairy. At the same time I instructed him to wank the little fella some more. From the desperate groans he made I thought he might cum there and then, and that wouldn’t do, so I ordered him to stop. ‘Please mistress, let me cum for you I’m so very desperate,’ he pleaded. Well requests like this are only going to make me draw it out all the more.

I told him that he had to listen to a short story first then I would tell him to assume the position to cum. I said that one-day, when he wasn’t too sissy to show his face around at my place, he’d come into my living room and I’d strip off his clothes while having a giggle at his pathetic acorn cock, and push him down to the floor on his knees. I’d bind his hands behind his back with my handy gaffer tape and then leaning over and holding on to the edge of the window sill, I’d push my arse right into his face and make him lick my tasty hole. While he listened to the story, I saw him trying to brush his arm against his cock to get some relief and thinking I wouldn’t notice it! He was so turned on that there was a stream of pre-cum overflowing down his hairy balls. I fucked myself with the vibrator, pushing it into my slippery cunt to give myself the satisfaction that his cock never would. The vibrators ‘bunny ears’ tickled my clit and I knew I was getting close to climax.

I asked him again how desperate he was to cum in his own mouth, and he replied, ‘Please allow me to do it for you mistress, I want to be instructed to drink my own cum straight from my cock in front of you.’ His urgency was quite a turn on and I ordered him to rotate against the wall so he was in the upside down bicycle exercise position. His miniature cock was aimed over his mouth while I did the final countdown from ten. I came on three, but I didn’t tell him that! I made him wait until my command and on the stroke of ten he shot long ropes of cream into his mouth from a distance.

All in a day’s work for me.

I am currently in a village between Kettering and Corby