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Punter Squats on My Toy

Published March 4

I’ve only had one appointment today in Kettering, a chap I haven’t seen since the early autumn. He’s very kinky and seems to be up for anything suggested. As you might know, I love it when men hand control over to me. I told him to strip off completely, he’s a manual worker so his body is in good nick for an older guy. In my bedroom I have some hooks in the corner of the room, and I wound some rope around one of them and told him stand and hold the ropes.

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Katie Fucks a Cock Sucking Slut

Published March 3

I’m really horny this week. Tuesday was really busy, and one guy made me cum twice, which was really nice and quite unusual. Yesterday, I had a guy who loves a bit of humiliation. Says he will suck cocks for me and will do anything I ask. Likes to be called Jessica and dressed up. He usually wears panties and some stockings, then I get him to pleasure me which is his favourite thing. 

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Katie and the Cross Dressing Slut

Published February 14

Dianne had brought her own clothes with her, but she wanted me to do her make-up. She liked 60’s styles and wore a waist cincher, stockings and silky cream underwear that had panties, I could see her cock through. 

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Katie Finger Fucks A Client

Published February 11

I was already horny from a phone chat to client about him cumming all over my pussy and me rubbing it into my clit. I hadn’t masturbated and was hoping that someone might show up who would give my pussy some attention. As it turned out a guy popped by who I had seen before. He wanted to try something new and asked if I could slip my finger inside him.

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He Adored My Pretty Feet

Published February 9

Had a relatively quiet day in Kettering yesterday, but I did see a chap who loved my pretty little painted toes. Foot fetish is quite common really, and I see lots of guys who love feet. He wanted me to take my stockings off so he could caress my bare legs and feet. This guy loved worshipping and knelt on the floor to kiss, lick, and suck my toes. I made a foot cunt and wanked his cock in between them.

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You guessed it, I had four cocks yesterday

Published February 8

You guessed it I had four cocks yesterday. One of them wanted me to tell him a fantasy story about him coming to visit me and one of my male friends. He enjoys fantasising about sucking cocks for women. 

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Katie the Landlady

Published February 7

Had a fun fantasy role play the other day. We’ll call him Andy, he wanted to be my lodger who had started a new job in Kettering. I came home from work early to find him in my bedroom wearing my stockings, suspenders, and panties.

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He wanted to sniff my pussy ...

Published February 5

Yesterday I had a young horny guy with a beard come to visit me from Kettering. He said he wanted to sniff my pussy and wank. Sounded good to me, he was lying on the bed with his head on the pillows while I straddled his face. 

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Katie cums on a girthy cock

Published February 4

So, a Kettering guy came to see me one day about two years ago, and he reminded me of an old friend of mine, who I also used to date. He was a pretty average looking guy, in his forties, with an average sized but handsome cock, which had some good girth on it. 


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Special request: Katie Arranged for his wife to get fucked

Published July 15

Preview: He watched while I licked her soft pussy lips and flicked my tongue over her clitty, her pussy was soaking wet, and I had cum all down my chin and neck. Very quietly he opened his jeans, pulled his boxers down and his lovely big cock sprang out, fully hard in all its glory. I noticed that Philip was very surprised at how big it was…he seemed quite excited that Anna was going to get that nice big cock. I think she was too embarrassed to look, but as we could hear Dan steadily wanking himself, making his balls tight, she grew some confidence and looked at him, after that she couldn’t take her eyes of it!

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