Katie Wright Northampton Escort and Dominatrix

Katie Wright
Call me: 07501 745478 or e-mail me small-penis-humiliation

What are the options?
A) Cuckold Fantasy: visit me and we can chat about your cuckold fantasies during our session
B) Real time: spend a session with me and my boyfriend together as a couple

A) Cuckold Fantasy: visit me

It’s very common for men to have cuckold fantasies about what their wife might get up to when they’re not there. When you visit me we chat about those fantasies, because I love to dirty talk about those things!

• Maybe you like to think about her visiting a hotel at your expense to get some big, meaty cock that makes your average chap look small?

• Would you like me to tell you about how I might ask my boyfriend to come stuff his cock in your mouth while you’re tied to my bed? Have you ever had gay or forced bi fantasies or in escort reality?

• Perhaps you fantasise about your girlfriend enjoying licking a pussy like mine when you’re out at the gym?

• Does it make your cock really hard and sticky that when you went away on that business trip to Grimsby, Dan your rugby player friend popped over to find you weren’t there. Your wife let him into the house and teased him until he pulled out his enormous cock and balls and she told him how badly she needed to cum on a hard cock?

• Your good lady wife finds it funny that you’d do anything to please her and that includes watching you lick the precum off her bosses’ hard cock?

• Do you have a unique but soft and humiliating fantasy of your own you’d like to tell me about? Is it that you enjoy your cock being laughed at and have SPH, small penis humiliation fantasises? I’ll elaborate on that in explicit detail while playing with you and making you wait.

B) Real time: spend a session with me and my boyfriend

If you would like my boyfriend to join us when you next visit me please call me to discuss. He’s tall and handsome and has a nice big cock that you’ll like. He does anything I ask him, so you only need to say what you want to do when you join us. I can get him to stuff his cock in your mouth while you’re on your knees. Perhaps you’d like to watch him licking my pussy out while you suck him? Maybe you just like to watch, tied to the chair, wearing some sissy pants, in the hope you’ll get to lick my cum off his balls? He’s a really laid back and friendly guy, but what we call a ‘bull’ in the cuckold world, so you cuck guys are in for a treat.

• For more on the types of chats and scenarios I like to do scroll through my erotic blog and find your favourite.

I am currently in a village between Kettering and Corby