Katie Wright Northampton Escort and Dominatrix

Katie Wright
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I entertain any fetish or fantasy you might have, so just ask me what you would like to do when you spend time with me, and I can tell you if I can accommodate this within my Northamptonshire massage and escort service. I enjoy everything from rubber fetish, PVC and food fetish, to male chastity and sounding. I don’t have any sounding rods but you’re welcome to bring your own.

What would you like?

  • Cross Dressing

    I am really turned on by men wearing my sexy knickers. I enjoy guys who arrive already wearing sexy panties. I have a dressing up box and large wardrobe of clothes for you to wear including stockings and frilly or silky underwear. Alternatively you can bring your own kinky sexy clothes or come fully dressed up as a T.V. As a female escort in Northamptonshire and Corby I see many sexy transvestite girls who come to me wearing their sexy dresses, with long hair and make up.

  • Katie Dresses up for Role Play

    I enjoy dressing up too, you might like my naughty secretary look and enjoy role play to go with it. So, if you want to bring things for me to wear or choose from the collection in my wardrobe that is something I will look forward to! To read more about my escort adventures with cross dressers check out my erotic stories on the blog. I can’t wait to role play with you!

  • Spanking

    I will have to take you over my knee and spank you if you love being punished. I have a cane, riding crop, paddle, ruler and restraints to keep you still. I’m not a dominatrix but I offer services in a domestic setting and I will not make you bleed. I pride myself on being naturally dominant so I won’t need to shout or force you to do anything, you’ll just submit to my will. You’ll love visiting me for spanking and at my place which is in a village near Kettering, Oundle and Market Harborough.

  • Foot Fetish

    I have a selection of sexy shoes and strappy sandals as well as PVC boots. I also keep a variety of stockings and hold up’s in different colours which I can wear for you on request or you choose them when you come along. I can make a foot cunt for you, play with my pussy while I you suck my feet and bring me to orgasm. For more scenarios check out the “Foot Fetish” tab on my sexy erotic blog.

  • Is it really Katie in the pictures

    Yes, it is really me. I own the copyright to all of my images and they have been taken between 2008 and present. Click the ‘Galleries’ tab and choose to view selections which are dated. Older photographs reflect the extra two stone I used to carry and I also sport blonde hair. More recent photographs show my lithe figure and include darker hair, although again I’ve added more blonde to my hair in 2016. I have removed distinguishing jewellery and birthmarks from these photographs to keep my identity private.

  • Puppy Training

    Over recent months I’ve accumulated a number of human pups who come for sexy training. For many it’s a lifestyle choice but for a significant number it’s highly sexual and I’m just the person to enjoy that side of their canine. I’m quite good at training pups and here I have everything you need or of course you can bring your own. Yesterday I trained a pup who enjoyed dressing in his puppy outfit, drinking from his dog bowl and enjoying chocolate doggie treats. I put a collar and lead on him to stop him sniffing all over the house. He’s rather playful and did at times hump my leg and sniff my wet pussy.

    When eventually I let him off the lead the excitement was too much and I turned it to my advantage, letting him lick my arse until I came right in his face. Eventually I allowed this over excited pup to mount me on the bed. He did quite well and earned a good few choccy treats. I’m looking forward to seeing him return soon.

I am currently in a village between Kettering and Corby