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Katie Wright caged-and-desperate-for-katie

Caged and Desperate for Katie

Published August 4

There is one thing that makes my pussy wet the most, it’s a man desperate for sex. One of my regular guys came along to see me yesterday. He’s one of these authority types, you know, loves bossing people about all day but really, he’s just a little sissy sub who loves doing whatever I want. He enjoys feeling chaste and owns a little cock cage that keeps him out of mischief.

It’s always a pleasure when I’ve put him in it the day before, and he returns the next day desperate for some kind of release.

I stripped him off and made him get to his knees to suck my strap on cock, then he hopped up on the bed, and I slipped my fingers into his arse, which elicited some very sexy groans from him. He begged me to fuck him some more, but I like to make him wait as long as I can and told him not to be so impatient. My pussy was throbbing, and my juices dribbled down the inside of my thigh. I dipped my fingers into it and stuffed them in his mouth, telling him to suck off my cum. He was very well behaved, and I slipped some of my toys into his arse and pleasured him like a sissy. I played with him in that fashion and also with a few flicks of my fingers against his balls for almost an hour.

I fucked him with my strap-on face down on the bed and made him tell me how much he wanted to suck my boyfriend’s cock. He was so desperate for real cock, and I didn’t have one to hand, so I had to get a toy one out of the drawer and told him to hold it and suck it while I fucked him. I enjoyed the strap on pushing against my clit as I penetrated him. He’s such a little sissy bitch.

Then I climbed on top if him, reverse style so I could watch myself in the strategically placed mirror and told him to lick my arse hole. All this pussy teasing had got me worked up and I came while he fingered my pussy at the same time. All this torment was too much, and he came and without me even unlocking his cage. I reckon he should get his money back from the cage manufacturers because that clearly didn’t work!

I am currently in a village between Kettering and Corby