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Katie and Her Boyfriend Fuck You: Fantasy Erotica

Published May 7

One of my clients recently asked me to tell him a fantasy story about what might happen if he asked me for forced bi. He threw in a few special requests that are only catered to in my imagination…and his!

I’ve told you to let yourself in and find me upstairs. I’m in the bedroom putting my lipstick on at the mirror, and I’m dressed in my tight black basque and wearing long shiny stiletto boots. But what really catches your eye is my quite fat and long strap on that’s bouncing between my legs.

I turn to give you a naughty stare, and your cock stirs at the sight of me. Before you can say anything you hear the sound of heavy footsteps downstairs. Your heart starts pounding and you ask if we’re alone. I say maybe and smile. I tell you not to worry and beckon you over to me. I grip your hand and put it between my legs for you to feel my soaking wet pussy. She feels deliciously silky and swollen as if I might have already been fucked. I say ‘pleasure me,’ and trembling you start to get to your knees, but I tell you to strip your clothes off first because I want to see what you have for me to play with.

You pull your shirt off and get those trousers down, while folding them up nervously you watch me stroking my clit and tasting my cunt juices. You pull your pants down to reveal your cock, standing proud with a new short hair-do down there, done especially for me. You ask me if it’s adequate for Mistress and I say that it’ll do, and that I’m looking forward to using your cock to fuck myself on. I explain that you have to make me cum or you won’t be allowed to – understand? And you nod excitedly.

I bend over on the edge of the bed, and you watch me sliding a big pink vibrator in and out of my pussy. Then I tell you to get to your knees and lick my arse. You get down so fast you give yourself carpet burns, but the sight of my perky little bottom being held open for you to lick was too much not to get there fast. You pleasure my little hole with your tongue sliding in and out and around. I instruct you to finger me at the same time; my tight little cunt gripping your first digit is gorgeous. Your cock twitches and dribbles, making your thighs wet. I tell you to dip your fingers in it, and slide it over my arse hole, and then lick it up. You make me cum really hard on your fingers and right in your face. I tell you to lick up my cum which is dribbling down my thighs and you love the taste of my sweet little pussy.

I rest for a while on the bed and tell you to rest next to me. After a few minutes I’ve bound your arms to the top of the bed. I ask if you’d like a treat, to taste my cummy pussy in your mouth. You say that you’re very keen to taste her. I sit on your face, while still wearing my she-cock, and you lick my pussy, and while I’m gyrating on your tongue I tell you that my boyfriend fucked me before you arrived and left his spunk in my pussy for you to lick out. You really enjoy knowing that, and I can see how hard your cock is because I’m not facing the headboard but the other way, so I can play with your cock. I slap it about a little bit and rub my thumb in the precum oozing out. You’re tormented and then you feel my swollen pussy squirting out warm piss into your mouth and you have to swallow. You imagine this might turn you off, but no, your cock stays rock hard and I laugh saying I’m making you enjoy all the things you secretly desire. You start to tremble worrying about what else I have in store for you, especially as you can hear footsteps coming from outside the room.

Before you can think anymore about it I’ve moved off your mouth, and I’m facing the other way, so you can watch me while I push your legs back. I tell you I’m going to fuck your little sissy hole while you’re on your back like a bitch. I really enjoy sliding my she cock into your little hole, and while the stretch makes you wince to begin with, you close your eyes and it gets much better. Each stroke rubs your prostate and you feel really close to orgasm but it’s not quite enough to push you over. I don’t touch your cock at all – but you wish I would. You open your eyes and watch me fucking you. You hear the door creak open, and you’re startled to see my boyfriend watching me fuck you. He’s naked, got a big fat cock of about 9 inches that you just can’t compete with, and he has a big ball sack, and for some reason you notice how good he smells. He’s manly and athletic, with dark hair and eyes, and now all you can think of is him fucking me before you arrived. What would his cock taste like if he hadn’t washed my pussy off there? He’s intensely watching you getting fucked.

I tell you his name is Dan and he says hi in a friendly but predatory manner. You watch him kissing me while I fuck you, and you think you might just cum there and then. You’re startled when Dan straddles your chest and stuffs his meaty cock into your mouth while I’m still penetrating your boy pussy. You choke on his cock in the back of your throat at first, and then he gets into a good rhythm that you can cope with. He tastes so good, you never thought sucking a man’s cock would be so nice, probably because you can taste and smell my cunt on him too. I tell you to lick his balls, and doing what I say, Dan pulls his cock out of your mouth, smiles at you, and then gestures for you lick his balls slowly. Gently, one by one, you suck off my cum from them. Then he stuffs his cock back in your mouth, you taste little squirts of salty precum from his cock as it slides in and out of your lips. You can’t believe you’re letting a whore and her boyfriend use you like a little slutty plaything.

Dan’s cock gets really hard in your mouth, and he watches you while he says he’s cumming. You enjoy feeling long ropes of cum slide down the back of your throat, and you swallow as much as you can, but it fills your mouth and dribbles down your chin as Dan takes the last moments of pleasure from your mouth. You’re feeling really desperate to cum but there’s no end in sight because Dan’s cock doesn’t shrivel up after he’s spunked his load in your mouth, it is still hard and he’s wanking steadily while sipping a cold beer and watching me slide my shaft into your arse.

You know he’s just waiting for his turn. You remember telling me once that you wanted to be fucked by my boyfriend, but never thought it would actually happen. I pull my she cock out of your gaping hole and Dan slips his fat cock inside you surprisingly carefully. Soon though he gets up a rhythm again and destroys your bottom and it feels so amazing. With each stroke brushing over and over your prostate you start to get close to cumming without your cock being stroked. I’m busy kissing Dan while he gropes my perky tits and you enjoy watching us right there in front of you. You beg me to wank your cock but I just giggle, and within a few minutes you can feel the warm spunk from Dan offloading inside you and immediately you find you have cum all over your belly and shot so far that your seed is even in your mouth!

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