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Katie Wright katies-new-puppy

Katie’s New Puppy

Published March 22

Mistress Katie has a new puppy and in this short story lets you know all about Puppy’s adventures on a day to day basis with her.

I have recently acquired a new Puppy, fet-boy. He came to me wanting to be owned and useful to a Mistress. I made it clear that he wouldn’t be able to go to work any longer, because I can’t have my house bitch going out when I need him there to do my little jobs for me. So, it came to pass that Puppy came to live with Katie. He brought his little bag of fetish gear, but nothing more. Puppy doesn’t wear boys’ clothes anymore, only rubber and slutty girls’ clothes. After he signed his contract, handing over his care to me, his mobile phone had to be crushed under my big thick platform stiletto shoes, ‘No more outside contact,’ I said, ‘you’re my bitch now.’ He also brought with him all his bank cards, so he could go online and empty all his bank accounts into mine to pay his keep until we get him earning properly. Puppy lives in a cage in the lounge most of the time, and he usually wears his purple or pink rubber suit. I let him out to do various duties for Mistress and typical day involves letting him out early so he can make my breakfast. I like my eggs done just right, and there were a few bare arse beatings with the rolled-up newspaper to start with because Puppy just doesn’t follow instructions sometimes. I also like a warm finger brioche buttered and sometimes with a little jam, these need to be heated either in the oven or in the toaster but not burned – as we have had a couple of time so far.

After breakfast he helps me shower, dries me off and helps me get dressed and brushes my hair. He’s only allowed a shower every other day when the rubber comes off. Once he’s shitted, shaved and showered I plug him for the rest of the day, so he is aware that one of my cocks is in his arse at all times. Then Puppy has to do all of the housework from top to bottom daily, that’s cleaning the loo, doing all my washing after sucking the crotch of my sticky panties clean. He vacuums and dusts the house. Then any outside jobs and DIY has to be done too. If he has been very good and done it properly (which doesn’t happen often) I let him have an afternoon sleep at my feet while I’m chatting to clients on the phone. When he wakes up, I let him lick my feet and then massage them for about an hour.

As you know, I’m a busy woman with work and I’ve got Puppy a small cage upstairs in the bedroom so he can watch me getting fucked by my clients. Sometimes I make him wear a white Lycra outfit under the rubber suit and a mask while he is gimped out in the corner. I always gag him too, so he doesn’t make any whimpering noises. I also have a boyfriend who comes over about once a week, fucks me and fills my pussy full of cum, and I let Puppy lick it out of me while my fella watches and laughs.

Now Puppy likes to be caged, I mean on his cock so that he can’t masturbate or do anything with his cock really. I intend to let him out only every two months to cum while I penetrate his Puppy arse with my big, she cock. For an extra special treat, Puppy likes Katie nectar and so I sometimes piss in his bowl for him to drink up. All his meals go in the bowl too, and he eats really quite well which means we need to keep him fit with some Puppy-gility. I take him out over the fields for walks. He wears a sparkly collar and he enjoys being on and off the lead, I make sure he rolls around in the mud cos he likes that. For extra treats, on warmer days, I take him into the wood and make him lick Mistress’s pussy and arse out. He’s been quite good at it so far.

If Puppy is naughty, then he has to go into the garden in his kennel overnight, and I find that teaches him to be much keener when I have jobs for him to do. Sometimes I like to dress him as a rubber girl with pretty pink make up, blusher and lipstick. He wears pink lacy panties, a bra and a slutty dress.Then I get my boyfriends’ to come around and I watch Puppy servicing their cocks one at a time. He is good at deep throat and drinking their spunk, says he loves it. Puppies are also very licky, and I get him to lick their balls and arse holes too. I do like him licking them while they fuck me, and Puppy is a great fluffer who makes them very hard for me at the start. I often hold his head there while he gags on cock and cum. He is very popular among the more dominant friends I invite over. I intend to make to lots of videos of these adventures and upload them to the web for a fee. Puppy, of course, has to earn his keep.

Soon, I will have him fully trained for me to pimp out, he can suck my punter’s cocks. I know he will enjoy it. There are so many different shapes and sizes for him to enjoy for 20 quid a go. I might charge 50 for willing punters who want to fuck Puppy’s arse hole and fill him up with cum. If he earns me 200 a day, I might consider letting him sleep at the bottom of my bed, and if I need to wee in the night, I can just call him to the edge of the bed so I can piss in his mouth.

I think we are going to be very happy together.

I am currently in a village between Kettering and Corby