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Katie Teaches the Student a Lesson


Katie Teaches the Student a Lesson

What a lovely session I had yesterday a nice young man came to see me. He can’t have been older than 20 years and a student of mixed race. He was very trendy with his cool dude clothes and when he sat in the chair his big brown eyes stared back at me – he was very nervous. I thought ‘ah bless him!’

Said he wanted me to tie him up and butt fuck him with my strap on, or anything that would fit up his arse hole. He wanted me to be in complete control. My cunt got very silky wet just thinking about it – he was right fit as well!!

I stripped his clothes off and he was very athletic and sexy underneath, a really nice firm and perky bum too! And he smelled lovely. I thought I bet his girlfriend doesn’t do this for him. I tied his shaking hands behind his back and made him suck my tits while I sat on him, rubbing my sensitive clitty on his cock through my knickers.

Then I lay back and masturbated for him with my little silver dildo, his cock stood proud, slightly tilted and dripping endlessly. I made him get on his knees and lick my arse. His tongue was very good and I scalded him as he tried to lick my pussy, ‘You know the rules, no pussy licking, only lick my arse hole – do as you are told!’

He licked my hole until I came really hard with my vibrator. He loved it. He was eager to lay face down on the bed and let me tease his tight little virgin arse hole with my slippery wet fingers. No one but him had fucked his arse and that was a couple of times but he loved it. He said he wanted me to be rough with him. I don’t really do rough (with me it’s about being in control) but to fuck an arse hole roughly, doesn’t take much to be rough – if you’re not used to it then it will feel rough.

I gently slid my finger into his hole and he gasped loving it. I pushed my finger in more and more and more until I was massaging his prostate with my finger, stopping to slide my finger in and out quickly (I know that’s nice – I don’t have a prostate so I don’t know how good it feels).

Then I fucked his arse hole with my prostate massager – and he was wriggling with ecstasy. I bent him over and fucked his hole with my big vibrator and slid my hand around and played with his hard, dripping cock. I couldn’t wait to get it into my cunt and feel it fuck my sensitive hole. I was worried he wouldn’t like the size of the ‘Purple monster’ but when I asked want that to fuck him too.

I bent him over like a bitch and made him arch his back, and tilt his pelvis to offer himself to me like a dirty whore. I fucked him with the strap-on really hard. He kept telling me how good it was. The great thing about the ‘Purple Monster’ is that where it meets my pussy it rubs my clitty at the same time as I fuck! It’s great!

After ramming his arse for about 5 minutes I decided that I would tie him to the door, open his legs, butt fuck his arse with my butt plug and suck his cock at the same time. He really loved it. My pussy was twitching again ready for some more action. I guided him to the floor and fucked his big cock really hard. I had tied his hands and he was helplessly at my mercy! He came loads at least 8 pumps into my shiny wet pussy and said that he had never enjoyed himself so much. Yum, I hope he comes back!

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