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Katie Wright punter-squats-on-my-toy

Punter Squats on My Toy

Published March 4

I’ve only had one appointment today in Kettering, a chap I haven’t seen since the early autumn. He’s very kinky and seems to be up for anything suggested. As you might know, I love it when men hand control over to me. I told him to strip off completely, he’s a manual worker so his body is in good nick for an older guy. In my bedroom I have some hooks in the corner of the room, and I wound some rope around one of them and told him stand and hold the ropes.

Punter Squats on My Toy

Then in front of him on the bed, I opened my legs and panties and showed him my cunt. She was already soft and wet where I had grown excited from such a rufty, tufty boss man being so docile while he watched me teasing his cock. I got up and played with his nipples, kissing his neck and making his cock brush against my thigh. Before he knew it, I was facing away from him and trapping his cock between my pussy lips and sliding up and down…I’m a big cock tease. He opened his legs out when I said I wanted to see him with a plug in his arse. I said ‘No, that’s not enough. Squat, so I can slip this toy inside you.’ He did it immediately and accommodated the toy inside his supple arse, obvs been fucked there before.

Giggling, I got back on the bed and played with my clitty until I came in front of him and using my fingers, I rubbed my cum on his lips. He licked it up quickly. Then I spread my legs some more and played with the toy in my cunt while I sucked his cock. I fucked him like that, with his back against the wall, it was kind of doggy style but with him rigidly standing there holding the ropes. I said that I wanted him to imagine it was a guy’s cock in his arse fucking him while he fucked me. He wanted to be the meat in the sandwich he said. When I had finished using him to cum on, I said he could cum now I had finished, and that only took a moment. I think all the teasing had got him so worked up, he’d been right on the edge the whole time. 

I am currently in a village between Kettering and Corby