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The Dirty Visit: Escorting out in the wilds of Northamptonshire


The Dirty Visit: Escorting out in the wilds of Northamptonshire

Now guys often ask me: are my blogs true? Well most of them, the odd one or two are fantasy but you can see how dirty I am just by reading them. I thought I would tell you about a busy day I had the other day then you can see for yourself and also get a feel for what I am actually like.

I woke up really early the other morning and I had a call for an out call about half hour drive away. It was out in the wilds of Northamptonshire. Anyhow, when I arrived he was yummie, quite young and fit and really horny. Said he chose me because I looked like a really horny, dirty bitch!

We undressed – or rather he undressed and I took off my disguise, which I was wearing over my boots, stockings and basque that I always wear as standard (not the same one, I have many!) So then, I sat on him on the sofa and rubbed my tits in his face. He was really hungry for sex. So I knew I would have to tease him a whole two hours.

I sat down on his lap with my legs apart and my pantied pussy brushed onto his oozing wet cock. It was very hard and throbbing pink. He just wanted to get down to it, so I said that he should get on his knees and lick my arse. I sat face up on the sofa with my legs apart and I watched him lick my arse and play with my clitty and slide his fingers in and out of my dirty, swollen cunt. He said it smelled great and before long his whole face was wet with my cum. As he licked my arse, sliding his tongue in and out of my little hole while he was watching my cunt twitch and he saw me cum into his face, not sure if I squirt or not. Don’t think so. That was just the start.

I took him upstairs and started to massage his back and gently fingered his arse. He said he had never tried it before, and really loved it. It made my clit hard again watching him enjoy himself so much. He got up on his knees and let me wank his dripping cock. Then eventually after much teasing, I started to suck him off.

We did the 69 position and he licked my arse and teased my clit with the soft pads of his fingers. It’s so horny to suck a guy off, while he licks my arse it’s my favourite thing these days! I also slipped my finger into his arse as I sucked him at the same time. I made sure I stopped so that he could hold out as long as possible. After I had spunked onto his face a second time. I had a bit of a rest while he wanked himself and allowed me to watch.

Then I made him sit on the end after I persuaded him to let me tie his hands. With the excitement in me rising I bent straight over and shoved my arse in his face, then sat on his lap and used his cock as my toy to wank and fuck myself with. He loved it.

When I eventually untied him, he was keen to fuck my juicy cunt and I made him do it doggy while I simply bent over with my hands on the floor. He watched himself fucking me in the mirror. I really enjoyed this guy he was up for anything! He said I should come back for DP with his mate any time soon!!!

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