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Katie escort and bi-guys East Midlands


Katie escort and bi-guys East Midlands

Now, as a FemDom escort et it not be said that I coax guys into having sex with other guys just for my pleasure. I found very willing participants the other day, local to the East Midlands which was the best of fun. I must confess that I don’t know either of their names – shame on you Katie – nevertheless I can recall their appearances well.

The chap I’ll call Adam has been to see me a few times before and it’s fair to say that he’s mentioned how he’s very into women but he does love a bit of cock now and then and also enjoys any forced bi session. He’s about thirty I would say and of course covered in tattoos, athletic and buff with fair skin, my favourite type and best of all he has a wobbly bottom one of those I could spend all day slapping it and biting. He brought along his friend Matt who, sadly for me, was not into girls at all but of course loved cock. This didn’t put me at any real disadvantage as I enjoy watching as much as participating and it seemed to be that he also delighted in seeing Adam with me, or rather perhaps just seeing Adam’s cock slipping in and out of my wet pussy…?

To begin the MMF threesome Matt sat on the chair at the bottom of the bed, in the ‘viewing area’. Adam was wanking his rather handsome sticky, wet cock and Matt was mesmerised by it and I got Adam to slip his fingers into my pussy and play with me while I used the vibrator on my clit. It wasn’t long before Matt pulled his ample cock out of his jeans and played with it. He commented on how attractive and big Adam’s juicy cock was and I was in agreement on that one and confirmed that those balls were full of spunk for me – I thought it a miracle that he hadn’t made himself cum before hand, especially considering that when they turned up the buttons on Adam’s jeans were undone and he looked quite dishevelled as if Matt had been sucking his cock in the car before they came to the door – yes boys I’m know the naughty signs.

Honestly, it didn’t take long before the pussy play was pushing me to climax while I lay back on the bed with my legs parted wide showing the effect that the two cocks were having on me. I told Matt to suck Adam’s cock and he got straight to it, sliding lips up and down the un-cut cock and enjoying the taste when slipped his tongue underneath the crown. The sight of Adam’s cock glistening with saliva while Matt made easy work of sucking Adam’s lovely pink fleshy balls was enough to push me over the edge and I came hard onto Adam’s fingers.

Adam had really come to offer his cute arse to me and insisted next he bend over for me to fuck him with my favourite strap on cock. He always enjoys me penetrating his little novice hole and so I fucked him and spanked him. Each stroke pushing in rubbed the harness on my already swollen clit that was ready for another orgasm. Matt wanked Adam’s cock at first and then I told Matt to push his meaty shaft into Adam’s mouth so we could properly fuck him like the little whore he enjoys being. I’m getting wet just writing about it because it was awesome to see Adam swallowing up another cock just like he’d told me in fantasies during our other sessions. Matt was a great lover and gentle too, not grabbing his head and forcing his cock in like I would have done!

I had grown impatient with all this watching and thrusting and demanded that Adam fuck me. I slipped off my she cock and pushed Adam down on the bed, my juicy cunt plunging over his cock so that I could take my second orgasm from him. Matt pushed his cock in between Adam’s lips again and then we swapped so I could lay down on the bed with Adam on top. Matt watched my tight little pussy getting fucked by Adam and my cunt was so sloppy with my cum that it dribbled onto Adam’s balls, and Matt licked it up! Then he fingered Adam’s arse while he pounded my pussy, and I watched Matt cum all over Adam’s sexy bottom. Within a few more moments Adam had cum inside me and collapsed in a heap gasping for air. These guys really need to get to the gym more often…but I think a great time was had by all and may there be many more sessions like this too. I’ve got to go and mop up the ‘writers cum’ now.

Incidentally on a different topic, if you’re looking to say thanks for all the lovely blogs I write or you’re coming to visit me bring along a Christmas gift. I’m after “Religions of Rome” it’s an academic book on Amazon there’s four volumes – I don’t mind if you only buy one! It’s by Beard, North and Price. I do believe the Paperback (that’s the one I want) is about £25 per volume.

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