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He was the meat in our sandwich


He was the meat in our sandwich

I have been seeing an older gentleman, who we’ll call Simon, about once every month and he’s wanted experience all the things he’s never done before. He’s quite an athletic type does a lot of cycling and keeps himself in good shape, and his cock too…So every visit he has tried something different, sucked my strap on a few times, he loved that.

We also talked about his fantasies of cock sucking and more and he said that I could certainly persuade him to prepare for that. We have chatted a lot about fantasies and he’s taken things further both with me and without me. Then last week he calls me and wants to come along with another chap, a younger guy called Andrei. Sounded like he’d been busy with this guy before as they were very familiar with each other when they arrived. Andrei had short dark hair, blue eyes and spoke with a sexy Romanian accent. He was clearly in his mid twenties and was very confident and seemed like he was sexually experienced…to be fair I’m sure he was in the same trade as me.

Simon wanted to sit and watch Andrei pleasuring me and I was agreeable to that. His cock was about 8.5 inches and uncut. He had a cute little short tuft of hair above his cock and lovely nice tight balls full of spunk …but who was going to get that lot? I was on the bed with my legs wide and I held my pussy open for him. He fingered me and played with my clitty and Simon watched from a chair at the end of the bed. He stripped off and played with his nice hard cock, his thumb rubbed a string of precum into the tip making him shudder.

By this time I had no doubt that Andrei knew exactly what he was doing as he was getting my pussy nice and wet and really worked up. I sucked his nice hard and meaty cock, his body smelled of cinnamon lotion and he had soft skin and a wobbly bottom that I gripped on to while his cock slipped in and out of my mouth. It didn’t take much more playing with my wet cunt and I came on his fingers. Then I told Simon it was about time he had some cock and Andrei pushed his cock into Simon’s mouth, balls deep. This clearly wasn’t the first time this had happened and Simon wanked his cock while I savoured every moment and then I approached and sucked him for a while and fingered his arse, which is certainly not virginal any longer. I had to stop as I thought he’d cum before I’d had a share of any cock.

I like to give the orders and I laid face up on the bed, giving the instructions: Simon got on top and fucked me and Andrei fucked Simon’s arse from behind and he loved it the pair of them there grunting and groaning ecstatically – I was the quiet one by comparison for a change! It was extremely horny and I came squeezing my pussy tight and hard on Simon’s substantial cock. I think Andrei spunked inside Simon simultaneously with Simon cumming inside me. Wow what an afternoon that was and Simon looked like the cat that had got the cream afterwards.

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