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An Outdoors Treat with Katie and Kelly


An Outdoors Treat with Katie and Kelly

Good afternoon, I thought I would just update you on my latest punter. Very nice indeed, just being physically close to him turned me on. When I came into the room he waited patiently sitting in the chair in all his clothes bless.

I asked him to stand up in front of me and then I started to whisper in his ear about how much I knew he wanted to see my pussy and that he should strip off his clothes ad I wanted to see his cock. I pushed my tits into him and started to wank my pussy onto his leg as I did so I whispered more about how I would like to smell and taste his meaty cock.

I stripped off all of his clothes and he loved me touching him softly and gently, teasing his balls with my fingers and cupping them in my hands. His sock slid into my hand and fitted so well, resting softly on my fingers.

Then I spanked his cock with my hand a couple of times and it responded with pleasing dribbles. I lay on the bed and he was beside me, I could feel his body shaking with excitement. I told him that he must make me cum. I insisted that he wank me whilst I told him a story about my adventures. It went something like this

‘It’s a wonderful hot summer’s day and I have arranged for you to meet me out in the countryside where we can go for a picnic together. When you arrive I can see that your cock is getting hard through your trousers and this starts to make my pussy twitch with delight at the thought of getting you inside me. I have a lovely spot planned for our visit and you walk behind me on the path through the fields, resisting the urge to stop and fuck me over every gate we come to. Then we arrive at the spot, put the blanket down and enjoy a glass of wine. You are surprised to see my friend Kelly arriving and I tell you that this is your treat having lesbian escorts together outdoors near Stamford.

I really enjoy getting down and parting her legs whilst kissing her. Then I run my hands up her stockings, and with my fingers pull her knickers to one side and stroke her clitty with my thumb and finger her tight hole at the same time. She groans enjoying me playing with her. I enjoy sucking her nipples, curling my tongue around each one and then I glide downwards licking her tummy before getting down to her pussy. She smells musky like she’s ben fucked already today. It made my cunt very wet to finally dip my tongue in between her lips and lap her sweet nectar. I could see you wanking your cock out of the corner of my eye and eventually I knew you would have to come around behind me. Kelly insisted she get the chance to suck your cock as much as possible first. You slapped your cock onto her tits and she loved it.

Then she started to lick the wet, sticky tip and lap up your pre cum. She said you tasted good and then she ran her tongue under the head of your cock, easing back your foreskin in doing so. Then she licked up and down the shaft of your length and ate at your cock like it was ice cream. I felt quite jealous as she was getting all the pleasure and I asked you to fuck me from behind.

I continued to eat her pussy whilst you slid your hard cock into my swollen pussy ensuring that you took it slowly as you were almost ready to dump your cum in me. Then I continued to lick her with my head to the side so you could see exactly how my tongue moved, watching my finger ease in and out of her arse hole as she shuddered and pushed her cunt further into my mouth. You watched my tongue ease into her cunt and you started to fuck me harder.

Smothered by her cum, I came and was unable to take a breath as Kelly spunked into my mouth – her pussy pulsing and throbbing onto me, her hand forcing my head into her cunt further. Suddenly you shot your load into my pussy, your balls were so tight and you couldn’t resist as my pussy was still milking your cock from my hard cum.

At this point I was back in the room with my client and just about to cum as he rolled his fingers over my clit. He pushed my hand away from his cock as I was pulling enough to make him cum. I came hard into his hand – unusual for me without having my arse hole licked. He said he liked my story very much and turned me over, slipping his juicy cock into me. He didn’t last long but at least I had a few good hard shoves before he let me have his cream.

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