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Katie Wright
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Waiting for Katie: Cock Sucking Fantasy

Published: 11 January 2019

It was a hot summers afternoon in July most people are on holiday, but the hot weather has made you feel extremely frisky. No matter how hard you try to turn your mind on to work it keeps coming back to me, and all the kinky things I ask you to do for me. After arranging to come to my house at 3pm you’re just walking up to the house when I call you and say I’m not home at the moment. I add that you’re not to worry as you can go in and wait for me because I will only be a few minutes. I say that my boyfriend will be there and he will let you in. You think this is a bit unusual and you wonder if he might mind letting in one of my clients. I say don’t worry he’s very friendly, and he will give you a glass of wine or a beer while you wait. You say fair enough, and just before I am about to get off the phone I say, ‘Oh there’s just one more thing…I couldn’t ask you for a really big favour could I?’ Well, you will do anything to please me of course, and you agree, without even knowing what it is yet. How silly of you. I say that there’s something that would really help me out. ‘You wouldn’t mind my sucking my boyfriend’s cock for a couple of minutes would you?’

Katie and Her Boyfriend Fuck You: Fantasy Erotica

Published: 01 November 2018

One of my clients recently asked me to tell him a fantasy story about what might happen if he asked me for forced bi. He threw in a few special requests that are only catered to in my imagination…and his!

I’ve told you to let yourself in and find me upstairs. I’m in the bedroom putting my lipstick on at the mirror, and I’m dressed in my tight black basque and wearing long shiny stiletto boots. But what really catches your eye is my quite fat and long strap on that’s bouncing between my legs. I turn to give you a naughty stare, and your cock stirs at the sight of me. Before you can say anything you hear the sound of heavy footsteps downstairs. Your heart starts pounding and you ask if we’re alone. I say maybe and smile. I tell you not to worry and beckon you over to me. I grip your hand and put it between my legs for you to feel my soaking wet pussy. She feels deliciously silky and swollen as if I might have already been fucked. I say ‘pleasure me,’ and trembling you start to get to your knees, but I tell you to strip your clothes off first because I want to see what you have for me to play with.

Cling film, spunk licking and wifey stories

Published: 22 August 2018

His cock was the only part of him exposed, and while I teased him, was flat on his back on the bed. I told him that one of my girlfriend’s Demi would really like to sit on his face. Then I used his cock to rub my clitty, slowly gliding up and down and brushing the head over it, and slid his shaft between my wet pussy lips but not inside. This tormented him until I had cum hard and my pussy juices dribbled down over his cock and balls.

He was the meat in our sandwich

Published: 06 June 2018

By this time I had no doubt that Andrei knew exactly what he was doing as he was getting my pussy nice and wet and really worked up. I sucked his nice hard and meaty cock, his body smelled of cinnamon lotion and he had soft skin and a wobbly bottom that I gripped on to while his cock slipped in and out of my mouth.

Training Sissy to suck cock

Published: 25 March 2018

There needed to be some training because sissy hadn’t actually sucked a cock before as she had told me in our messages the past week that she was travelling from Northampton and had been looking for an escort to see in the East Midlands for a long time, she was desperate to learn how to suck cock properly. She wanted me to record her sucking cock on her phone so she could play it back anytime and remember how good she was at being a li’l cock-sucking bitch.

Can you imagine me draped over your chaise lounge? Location Exchange

Published: 15 February 2018

I’m seeking pretty locations to have photographs taken for my profile here on AW and on my web site. This could be your home or business that you might lend to me and a photographer (which could be you, using my iPad) for a couple of hours. In exchange I’m offering a one hour booking with me to the value of £150.

Soft dom escort Katie enjoys spanking his bottom

Published: 04 February 2018

The other day I saw a cute young Indian guy, one of these trendy types with a full on lumbersexual beard and a sparkly stud earring to match. Said he was travelling from Kettering to Corby and saw my profile on the web and thought I was the escort girl for him as he wanted to be taken over my knee and spanked.

Katie escort and bi-guys East Midlands

Published: 12 December 2017

Now, let it not be said that I coax guys into having sex with other guys just for my pleasure. There aren’t many places you can get forced bi or indeed any type of bi with escorts in the east midlands

Strap on and prostate massage for a Market Harborough punter

Published: 06 November 2017

Strap on and prostate massage for a Market Harborough punter was in order as he said he liked the prostate massage and finger fuck so much last time that he wanted to try the strap-on and the one he brought with him vibrated.

An Outdoors Treat with Katie and Kelly

Published: 13 September 2017

You are surprised to see my friend Kelly arriving and I tell you that this is your treat having lesbian escorts together outdoors near Stamford.

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I’m an educated, English escort in Corby who enjoys real time soft domme kink, fantasy cuckold, writing erotic blogs and providing a virtual financial domination service as well as Sissy and Human Puppy training experiences from my home between Kettering and Corby in Northamptonshire. I’m 35 years old, 5’7 tall with blue eyes, long brunette hair and legs that go on forever! I currently wear a dress size 10-12. I’m a pretty girl but if you want to see my face you’ll have to arrange a meeting in person. I enjoy sex in a different way and I’m a huge cock tease too. I hope you enjoy browsing my site and erotic blogs. See you soon, Kate x

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