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Katie Wright
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Can you imagine me draped over your chaise lounge? Location Exchange

Published: 15 February 2018

I’m seeking pretty locations to have photographs taken for my profile here on AW and on my web site. This could be your home or business that you might lend to me and a photographer (which could be you, using my iPad) for a couple of hours. In exchange I’m offering a one hour booking with me to the value of £150.

In Bed With The Fifteen Minuters!

Published: 04 February 2018

I could see his cock pushing through the material of his jeans at the sight of me in my stockings and teddy underwear and hands were trembling too. Turns me seeing nervous men who clearly aren’t hard up for a bob or two, and it makes me feel powerful and that’s one thing pussy loves.

Katie: We Had Him Spit Roast

Published: 12 December 2017

Honestly, it didn’t take long before the pussy play was pushing me to climax while I lay back on the bed with my legs parted wide showing the effect that the two cocks were having on me.

Katie's Big Gift

Published: 06 November 2017

After I had bound his hands to the bed and his legs to the bottom of the bed, he was completely in my control. I love doing this it makes my pussy get so wet that I dipped my finger into my cunt and let him lick up my juices from my fingertips.

An Outdoors Treat with Katie and Kelly

Published: 13 September 2017

I stripped off all of his clothes and he loved me touching him softly and gently, teasing his balls with my fingers and cupping them in my hands. His sock slid into my hand and fitted so well, resting softly on my fingers.

The Dirty Visit

Published: 20 August 2017

Now guys often ask me: are my blogs true? Well most of them, the odd one or two are fantasy but you can see how dirty I am just by reading them. I thought I would tell you about a busy day I had the other day then you can see for yourself and also get a feel for what I am actually like.

Puppy Training Day One

Published: 25 July 2017

Over recent months I’ve accumulated a number of human pups who come for sexy training. For many it’s a lifestyle choice but for a significant number it’s highly sexual and I’m just the person to enjoy that side of their canine . I’m quite good at training pups and here I have everything you need or of course you can bring your own.

Trade Exchange

Published: 24 July 2017

I’m seeking fluent French or German translators for trade exchanges.

The present deal is German to English translation of academic material:

• Half hour booking with me equivalent to £80 for 11,607 (20 A4 pages) • One hour booking with me for equivalent to £150 17,601 (30 A4 pages) I will include my summer deal in this of 1.5 hr for the hour rate of £150.

All translation to be completed before the booking - you’ll have to trust me of course but I can assure you I’m not going any where and that I’m well established and professional - not to mention hot and dirty as fuck. However, if you would like to come around to meet me for coffee to simply discuss the proposal first that is acceptable.

Katie's Summer Special is Back!

Published: 13 July 2017

If you’re the kind of guy who loves a long booking then I’ve got the deal for you: I’m offering an hour and a half for the price of an hour £150 so come along and enjoy a lazy visit on a hot summer afternoon. Just call me to book.

Katie Teaches the Student a Lesson

Published: 24 June 2017

He licked my hole until I came really hard with my vibrator. He loved it. He was eager to lay face down on the bed and let me tease his tight little virgin arse hole with my slippery wet fingers. No one but him had fucked his arse and that was a couple of times but he loved it. He said he wanted me to be rough with him. I don’t really do rough (with me it’s about being in control) but to fuck an arse hole roughly, doesn’t take much to be rough – if you’re not used to it then it will feel rough.

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I’m an educated, English escort who enjoys real time soft domme kink, fantasy cuckold, writing erotic blogs and providing a virtual financial domination service as well as Sissy and Human Puppy training experiences from my home between Kettering and Corby in Northamptonshire. I’m 35 years old, 5’7 tall with blue eyes, long brunette hair and legs that go on forever! I currently wear a dress size 10-12. I’m a pretty girl but if you want to see my face you’ll have to arrange a meeting in person. I enjoy sex in a different way and I’m a huge cock tease too. I hope you enjoy browsing my site and erotic blogs. See you soon, Kate x

I am currently in In a village between Kettering and Corby