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Katie's Big Gift


Katie's Big Gift

I had one of my regular guys come and see me the other day and he brought me a new strap on! Said he liked the prostate massage and finger fuck so much last time that he wanted to try the strap-on and the one he brought with him vibrates!!

After I had bound his hands to the bed and his legs to the bottom of the bed, he was completely in my control. I love doing this it makes my pussy get so wet that I dipped my finger into my cunt and let him lick up my juices from my fingertips.

I took my panties off and pushed them into his mouth at his request ‘Can you taste and smell my dirty cunt?’ I whispered to him. He nodded. I rubbed my nipples over his face softly stroking his skin. I kept an eye on his cock it was hard and dripping wet. I rubbed in his pre-cum softly onto the head of his cock, he was moaning in pleasure. Then I decided to take my knickers out of his mouth as I am very vocal and like my punters to answer me when I am talking to them!

Then I rubbed my face onto the soft skin of his cock, tantalizing him gently. I am sure he thought I was going to take his cock in my mouth there and then, but of course I like to be a proper cock tease so that didn’t happen.

Then I turned around and rested my arse on his face, I said, ‘Lick my arse hole for me until you make me cum.’ He said ‘Yes Mistress Katie’ and while he licked and teased my hole with his hungry tongue I wanked my clitty with my little vibrator. He was careful not to lick my cunt and obeyed all of my rules. Every time he stopped for a breather I smacked his cock briskly with my hand – he loved it.

I just can’t beat the feeling of teasing a guy who is bound and wants to be gently and sensually teased while begging me to let him climax. I climbed upon to his cock and slid down very gently and then began riding him just a little. I knew it was about time he had his near virgin arsehole fucked so I stopped sliding up and down on his cock and went about getting him ready to be pegged.

I untied his legs, and while I put my new strap-on he was still face up with his legs right back for me to fuck his arse. I put a cushion under his hips so that I could face him and get close with my new cock. I sucked his cock and fingered his lubricated arse gently. He was so excited and begged me to slip my she cock inside him.

While I slipped my cock into his slippery hole I wanked his hard responsive lubed up cock. He loved it, saying how sensitive it felt. And he wanted me to stop wanking him as the sensation was so great that he might just cum even without the wanking. After I had eased it right into him, I pumped slowly – he told me to go deeper as it felt so good.

I fucked him hard, as he lay on the bed, legs in the air just like my bitch! It was great. His cock was bouncing around – made cunt got wet and slippery. My clitty was getting rubbed from the butt of the strap on; pleasing me as I was pleasing him.

I leaned forward as I fucked him and rubbed the head of his cock on my tits. He was so worked up when I told him I was coming and he spunked his load, shooting onto my tits – I rubbed it in.

I have to admit I was bit tired after that session – I even had the trembling leg and everything!


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