Katie Wright

Katie Wright
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Katie's Loving The Dirty Talk

Published: 23 May 2017

I love dirty talk, as you know it’s something I do a lot with my clients and my storytelling is legendary.

Sissy Training Day 1

Published: 04 May 2017

After shaving the area so I could see her meaty cock and ample balls she posed for me properly and did a really good job. She started off at a distance, with the camera on the timer of course and then the shots got closer and closer.

Spitting, Spunking & Arse Licking

Published: 21 April 2017

I didn’t allow him to stop arse licking until I was fully satisfied cumming really hard on to my big toy, then plunging it into his mouth afterwards so he had to suck my cum off of it. I told him he had to do these extra duties, morning and night and in fact when ever I asked him to do them.

Field Fucking...

Published: 10 April 2017

He pulled his trousers down and pushed up against my naked leg below my shorts and I could feel his cock slipping up and down my leg in his precum while he pulled his foreskin back and forth. He whispered in my ear ‘my cock is so hard and ready for you dirty whore’ I was so excited I wanted him to just shove his cock in and fuck me there and then as I need to cum so much.

Boots and the Indian Businessman

Published: 07 March 2017

It was fortunate for both of us that he was good with his hands and took the time to slip his fingers into my wet cunt, sliding and teasing the pads of his fingers over my clit making me shudder with pleasure. I held on to his cock and he rubbed into my palms steadily.

Katie's Trade Exchange

Published: 26 January 2017

By the time he had finished the job my pussy was soaking wet at the thought of slipping my cock into him while he begged me for more.

Are You Interested In A Trade Exchange

Published: 27 December 2016

I’m looking for someone who is able to remove a non-supporting cabinet from close by to my kitchen sink, underneath the worktop. I want to install a dishwasher and I need the plumbing under the sink altered accordingly. It really is a very simple job and I’ve been told that it should take about 1.5 hours. In exchange I’m willing to give 1.5 hours of my time this could be in one session 2 or 3. If you’re handy enough to do it and are interested in discussing it further please call or email me.

Threesome On The Beach With Katie

Published: 24 December 2016

pull back her blue bikini bottom to reveal her pink, glistening pussy to you. Then, with gentle pressure I slide my fingers over her clit. She’s responsive to my touch and asks me to ease my shorts off and push my cunt into her mouth. I pull my panties down and my juices are trickling down my thighs. I straddle her face and couch my pussy around her lips.

Katie's Review: Outlander on Amazon Prime

Published: 21 December 2016

So of course we see lots of pussy licking, which is a right turn on with sexy Claire getting licked out in an old castle by Frank in the 1940’s and then a lot more with sexy young Jamie. There’s also lots of Jamie playing with her pussy and watching her orgasm. They’ve got it so right there, every half decent lover should make sure his woman has cum before he does.

Katie and Cream

Published: 03 December 2016

Then he rubbed my clit and slid his fingers into my wet cunt with slow ease. My body shuddered when he rolled his fingers over my big swollen clit and I was close to cumming and then…

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I’m an educated, English escort who enjoys real time soft domme kink, writing erotic blogs and providing a virtual financial domination service as well as Sissy and Human Puppy training experiences from my home between Kettering and Corby in Northamptonshire. I’m 35 years old, 5’7 tall with blue eyes, long brunette hair and legs that go on forever! I currently wear a dress size 10-12. I’m a pretty girl but if you want to see my face you’ll have to arrange a meeting in person. I enjoy sex in a different way and I’m a huge cock tease too. I hope you enjoy browsing my site and erotic blogs. See you soon, Kate x

I am currently in In a village between Kettering and Corby